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I can't stand Jersey Shore. As I mentioned in class they are getting paid to party. However, half of the crew was pretty smart with their...situation. Snooki got pregnant and became a tabloid reservoir, with her train wreck friend Jwoww. But DJ Pauly D is the 7th high paid DJ in the world. That's crazy. Also, as mentioned, Mike has made money by doing a backwards sponsorship through Abercrombie and Fitch. So these "regular" people are handed an opportunity which half of them took it and ran with it. So as much as I get mad at the show, at the same time I would love to get paid by Abercrombie to not wear their awful smelling clothes.

When we were talking about participation between the consumer and the media, I thought about another DJ: Skrillex, who is #2 highest paid DJ in the world. He teamed up with Bob Marley's son Damien and made a reggae electronic song. They then released all the files/sounds that were found within the song. Their (successful) goal was to have everyday people do their own version or remix of the song, then from that, the two artists would choose their favorite. I also thought about every code on the bottom of bottle caps, where you are sent to the website of the company.

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I do agree with your points. The other thing I was thinking is that, I will tend to understand the show as an US production other than the stereotypical Italian people. By this I mean, I view the show as the US understanding of other people, which is merely a reflection of some american activities. No offense, just my view.

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