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Interactivity in the marketplace has become a prominent strategy that corporations are now integrating into society. In the modern economy, business have shifted towards a trend of focusing on consumer expectations. Increasingly more businesses are focusing their technology to research what consumers desire. For example, the integration of customer relationship management into business solutions shows that companies recognize the importance of customer relations to their futures. The use of this information allows companies to better respond to expectations with new products and services. Instead of subjectively estimating expectations, this allows companies to substantiate their investments with real evidence. Companies use this information to provide products that are completely customizable. For example, NIke produces Nike IDs which allows the customers to choose the colors and style of their shoes. The use of technology also allows them to see an image of the product before delivery, maximizing customer satisfaction.

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I agree with you in many ways. I feel that customer service is entirely key to determining the success of a business or product. In this sense, I can see how allowing customers to customize products to their specific needs or desires helps to increase the consumer's perception of customer service. In this sense, the opposite of this tactic seems to be the 'personal shopper' characteristic of retail stores. In this sense, customer service is defined by a 'personal shopper's' ability to make decisions for you. This is desirable to those who feel that they don't have the ability to make appropriate decisions for themselves. Additionally, it is a big time-saver. It's interesting to see how customer service can be defined by two completely opposite ideas.

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