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I have said this before but I do really enjoy the structure of this class, being able to watch the content we are reading about. I am such a visual learning that even with Becker laying out the Seinfield scene via text, I obtained a better understanding through the 30 second clip we watched. The scene with Jerry and George pretending to be gay, then appearing gay, then denying being gay, was pretty interesting to me. It was almost like the gaze we talked about in the transgender readings. In my opinion, the two guys panicked and tried to tell the reporter they weren't gay because they were worried how they were looked upon by her, and then confirming it by saying they are not bigots. The way the dialogue changed in that scene correlated with the gaze. Same thing for the Will and Cop situation. The discussion that we had about who was gay or who was talking about which gay person was or wasnt gay....or whatever. I think that scene was so confusing because of the concept of the gaze. The establishment of power or stance in this scene and how the audience perceives it is exactly what Mulvey and Halberstam were debating. How the actors talk to each other and how we the audience becomes aware of it is pretty interesting to me.

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