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The times have definitely changed when it comes to the integration of queer/gay culture into the media mix. In the 90's the emergence of the slumpy class, proved that society was beginning to become open-minded and it was seen as "hip" and "edgy" to have open beliefs towards ideas that were historically "uncomfortable". Originally when gay themes began to creep into everyday television sitcoms, it was a laughable topic, as it was still a new idea, and wasn't the norm. Looking at shows that are popular in this decade such as Glee or Modern family, it is starting to become normalized within our culture and has quite a different effect than our favorite 90's shows, such as Seinfeld, or Will and Grace. Gay characters are starting to become main characters in popular programs, incorporating that 'day to day' feeling, increasing the normalcy. I still think that incorporating gay characters in shows is a great marketing strategy for producers, as media consumers are still exploring this queer concept and it is interesting to watch. I sometimes wonder if in the near future, people will not think twice when seeing gay characters and it will become so normalized that producers will have to think of a new idea to attract the eyes of the public.

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