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I felt as though watching the movie Forrest Gump in class allowed me to be able to better understand the reading. I thought it was very interesting that Forrest became an all-american role model citizen. He was an all-american for alabama football. He was a war hero and won a medal. He made a successful business out of blue collar work with his shrimping business. And he "got the girl" in the end and had a son with her. I also found it very interesting that the woman in this movie was often rescued in situations where she was partaking in radical behavior. The theme in the second half was Forrest Gump doing what he was told and doing what he believed to be right and it happened to always rescue Jenny from her own destruction. Like going against the status quo has results similar to Jenny's. We talked in class about how this can be misleading. Yes, there are many cases like Forrest's, but there is also many cases where listening to what you are told results in you becoming a pawn for someone else's persuasive efforts. So I believe this is the message you are supposed to get in the movie and it just doesn't measure up to reality, and it is also beneficial for citizens to critically think and challenge the structures of our society to see where we fit.

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I agree with your assertion that critical thinking and not just buying into what we are 'supposed' to do will lead to more control and perhaps personal gain in the long run. I am not so sure that what we discussed in class is the most appropriate interpretation of this film, though. It seems to me, if we hadn't been predisposed to this analysis, that I would have assumed the message is that Forrest was given nothing, and still found success by having his heart in the right place and not being selfish. Every decision he makes demonstrates Forrest taking others into consideration before himself.

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