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I read a article written by Jackson Katz. This article is very interesting for me. I never think that he is talking in this article. In the past few years, there has been growing attention paid in media and cultural studies to the power of cultural images of masculinity. This focus is long overdue. But historically, an absence of a thorough body of research and inquiry into the construction of masculine imagery is consistent with the lack of attention paid to other dominant groups. According to the Kartz's article, the target of advertising is white working class male. The rock, heavy metal, and rap-metal cultures of recent decades have produced numerous male artists who perform a White, working-class "rebel" masculinity that embodies all sorts of violent angers and resentments and seeks validation in the defiance of middle class manners and social conventions. Not surprisingly, advertisers have sought to use this young white man with an attitude in their marketing of products to young males. The appeal of violent behavior for men, including its rewards, is coded into main stream advertising in numerous ways: from violent male icons overtly threatening consumers to buy products to ads that exploit men's feelings of not being big, strong, or violent enough by promising to provide them with products that will enhance those qualities. Masculine figures such as Rocky, Rambo, and Conan the Conqueror, are great example of traditional western heroes. And we showed like above heroes nowadays in movie. For example the movie "the avengers", there are many kinds of here in the story, and their characteristics are pretty same in that they are masculinity heroes.

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