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The discussion and video about sexism in the media was quite shocking. I knew that it was prevalent, but I didn't not know how much it affected the media to that extent. The clips of all the news commentators and politicians talking about women in terms of witch and cold and completely ignoring what they do as politicians was a real eye-opener. Most people today believe that we have crossed the barrier in regards to women's rights, but there is still an ideology that men are superior. It is noticeable in every position of power, as noted with the media giants employing women usually around 2 women for every 10 men. It is a slow progression though, and that is what people have to understand. As a society we just need more examples of women in power. It has been beaten into our brains for centuries that women are inferior to men, and it's just going to take some time to slowly sift that out.


I had the same reaction as you, I knew it was a big partif media but dis not know it was that big of a problem. The comments made by the men during the news casts disturbed me greatly. I agree that many still believe that men are superior to women, sadly I feel many women also belive this not just men. I also agree that we need more women in power not that they need to take over, but have a more equal view of women in power. And to recognize them the same as men not just as a face and talk about what they had on at this convention vs this convention. It is going to take a long time to change this mind ser, but the more people are made aware ithe faster change will happen.

It was a painful reminder, when watching this, that women are still fighting for their rights in the employment and social worlds. Many men seem to be still stuck in this mindset that women are "ill-equipped" for leadership roles. I wonder how this problem can be solved; I think there needs to be more media coverage about women's accomplishments as leaders of companies in order for them to be taken more seriously as leaders.

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