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I thought our discussions this week were extremely interesting and everything we discussed hit so close to him. As a sign language student, I have come to develop a different understanding of the word 'disabled'. I think it is important to remember that labeling someone as 'disabled' simply because they fit into a particular category, is doing them a great injustice. I think it is important to remember that we have the ability to create equal opportunity without pitying. Watching moves like Forest Gump and Temple Grandin are perfect examples of how someone who would normally fit in the 'disabled' category are in some cases even more successful than most individuals surrounding them. Disabled often translates over to being more abled in other ways. All in all, I think these movies are extremely important to helping shape awareness. That being said, I thought it was very interesting to see how these individuals often were removed from most social constraints. Gump leads a much easier life than Grandin does. Here it becomes very important to be a critical media consumer.

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