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After the discussion about the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I had many questions about feminism. I now understand the concepts of post-feminists and third-wave feminists but I still don't get why the ideas of past sexism are so problematical. I totally agree that as a society we need to be cognitive of those past sexist ideas but maybe it's time to move on. I really want to question the motives of Elana Levine. Why is it such a negative for a beautiful women to have power and be able to hunt vampires or fight bag guys in Charlie's Angels. I can see the sexist ideas but at the same time the shows are put together because they want high ratings. Buffy is a very attractive women and I personally would love to hunt vampires with her. She does fit the stereotypical "attractive" American female. She's blonde, fit and has a beautiful smile. Why is being attractive so bad? Like my mother always said, use what was given to you. It doesn't matter if your male or female. Use your abilities that you have and you don't need to be jealous of others attributes. I think American people do way to much comparing of each other. Every one of is different and that makes our society so unique. I feel like sexism, and racism would be way lessened if people just accepted their own positives and negatives. Humans are naturally insecure but we all have the choice to let our insecurities get the better of us. Yes, Buffy is a beautiful girl that hunts vampires, don't hold that against her.


I do agree with your idea, and your mothers' saying "use what was given to you" is so right. We don't have the right to judge what we have already have. The only problematic aspect, from my perspective, is that being naturally attractive isn't wrong at all. But the gap between naturally attractive and naturally acceptable looking create a gap, and such a gap give advertisers chances to bombard us on and on.

I completely agree with you. I think it has been scrutinized and dissected far too many times. Over and over again I hear about how this woman uses her looks for fame and money. Well ask yourself something, wouldn't you do the same? Is it ideal that many women are using these attractive women as role models? No, but that's just the way it is. Many men have athletes as role models and they are not always law abiding citizens, but male athletes are huge in our culture. And there is nothing wrong with that. Should children look up to firefighters and police officers? Possibly, but remember not all firefighters and police officers are great people. I rambling a bit, but it just gets old when people knock on someone for making money off of something they are good at. It is a deep rooted issue that starts with the parents. You, as a parent can teach your children at a young age that beauty and money are not everything and that there is a lot more to life. You can continue to remind them this throughout their life as the media tries to change their perspective. I do believe however that women should not be only looked at in an attractive lens. A woman like Hilary should not be known as a "Bitch" or "cold" just because of her attire or looks. And that will be tough to weed out of society, and like I had said earlier it boils down to teaching your children at a young age how to view the world and your culture within.

My guess for why feminist groups take offense to shows set up in this fashion would have to be that they interpret the value of these female characters being derived from their physical beauty. The show's creators view the women as more valuable if they are more physically attractive to men which establishes to feminist groups that we live in a male-regulated society. I would assume that is the way they interpret these media texts and why they come to that conclusion.

I totally agree with your idea. I also felt that some people who belong to some ideologies take too much meaning that the authors were not trying to imply from contents. I think such biased responses are seen in feminism because victim side also had prejudice toward perpetrators. That built a filter make the feminists see mass media productions through doubtful and critical view when they see films made by men.

I like your idea about the angle of camera because I also agree with your idea. These include the notion that feminity is a bodily property; the shift from objectification to subjectification; an emphasis upon self-surveillance, monitoring and self-discipline; a focus on individualism, choice and empowerment; the dominance of a makeover paradigm and a resurgence of ideas about natural sexual difference. These days, post-feminism is used as a transformation of feminism and media culture over time. While I read her article, I awarded differences between feminism and post-feminism. Post feminism do not want women only focus on their feminine. However they just want get liberation from the androcentric world. and equal treatment.

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