Buffy and the New Girl Order


The video, "Buffy and the New Girl Order", Levine talked about representation of the New Woman through mass media such as drama and movie. Levine claimed that now, women characters in drama have to find the way to how to medium the meaning between newfound feminism and inherent femininity. In the movie, Levin mainly discussed about how these representations of the new woman are created and received by audiences. For example, in the movie "Sex and The City", the director showed four different New York City women who have different personality, and lifestyle. However, we learned media have great power to change individuals' perspective through the media. People are easy to absorb the idea through the television. As I compare to the characters in the movie and drama between past and present, I can see the huge difference between old and new. From the old movie, women often used to depict as only a housewife whereas a lot of career women in today's movie. But I feel sometimes, from now on, the film director should balance the theme of newfound feminism and original feminism.


I like really like your idea of new found feminism and original feminism. The balance between the two would show different perspectives of the modern day "woman." Some females and males are stay at home parents and that is a very important job. I feel like media today sometimes makes being a parent a negative thing. I enjoy seeing women empowered in the workplace in movies and television but there are still a fair amount of females taking care of their families. Showing both sides would connect to a large demographic of people.

This is great post, because you examine Levine's idea of old feminism vs. new, modern day feminism. Off the top of my head, I think that the show Desperate Housewives is best equipped to take on this sort of balanced role that seems to connect the old with the new. Look at it this way, the main characters in the show are housewives, which you compared feminism to the old movie to, but at the same time, the setting takes place in modern day--the feminism is more enlightened, because these women are man eaters. They crave what many single women crave--sex. They are house wives, but they are not afraid to act on what they need: a man.

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