Enlightened Sexism

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I think the video that we watched in class was a good example of enlightened sexism. They showed how women in high power roles or high profile roles are celebrated for being women in power but they are also scrutinized for things that are not related to their roles at all. Women who are widley known will always seem to be critisized for their clothing and style.When they are a woman that doesn't play up their girliness they are portrayed as a bitch like Hillary Clinton was versus Sarah Palin. I thought that the article that we read this week by Susan Douglas had a great example using male politicians. We don't look at the way they dress we just talk about what they are representing. Is that because mens styles haven't changed drastically like womens do? Men keep wearing suits granted the cut of suits has changed over time but its still a suit and looks very similar.Why are women slaves to trends and why do we care? I do think that Deborah brought up a great point in class that we are biologically trained to care what we look like and want to be attractive. Which leads into we want to look at attractive people. Why do the men get away with being fat and bald and the women are required to have the latest fashion? Maybe over time as women become more common in high profile jobs and roles their bodies and fashion will become less important.

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