All the readings and videos we watched this week have showed me a lot about feminism. i never have thought about feminism and the different goals that they have always strived for. The video was the most informative and most eye opening for me. The fact that women have been sexualized in the media never occurred to me until pointed out the images of Sarah Palins legs or the focus on women in the media being handled as a joke was disturbing to me. What disturbs me is that I never saw how bad it was until taking these classes. I don't have a question as to what we have been talking about just that I hope that the next few classes we are abel to continue talking about women in media and feminism.


I agree with you! I think that I always felt a little feminist before but after the readings and seeing the way that they talk about woemen in the news I am appalled. Why do people think this is ok? I feel like seeing how women are so picked apart and scrutinized will cause some girls to shy away from advancing themselves.I always knew that women were treated differently but I didn't know how blatantly crude it was.

I also agree with you. I think that the audiences are conscious about this matter as they engage in the media. However, we do not make it a big deal because women has been depicted as a sex object and hyper-sexualized and it has normalized. Media portray and treat women in a bad way for a long time, but I feel that we, as audiences, should pay more attention to this issue.

I definitely agree, my blog post was very similar to yours and I guess before this class my media radar wasn't very strong and I hadn't noticed the extreme sexism in the media. It is appalling that this is able to happen without any repercussions.

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