Forrest Gump

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I have never looked at the movie Forrest Gump fromt the perspective that was brought up in the reading. I think that Jenny represents what happened to many people that lived through those times. I do think that she represented probably the cliches of what historically happened. I don't think that Forrest Gump's story is that realistic of all the things that he stumbled apon. Even though he had so much good fortune by accident you still feel bad for him. I also wonder how would we preceive the story differently if the gender roles were changed. The special needs person was female and the person who was portrayed as rebellious and wordly was a male. Would we think that it was more ok because rebel males are commonly portrayed in media and think that it was less cliche of all the situations that the character experienced? Would be more disgusted that a special needs female was having sex with a non special needs male?

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