The whole article was very interesting. I having seen Forrest Gump many times, had never looked at the movie in that way. The way that each scene can be connected to a major event in history, is an interesting point. I would personally like to believe that the makers of the movie did not do this on purpose, but know that this possibly was their hidden agenda from the beginning. I find it interesting that producers use movies and other forms of media to send such strong or one sided opinions. While I do not agree with this way of attempting to get your point across, the point made in the article about the movies focus on social known facts from the past where some points that can be found as a learning tool and not just one side an an opinion. When talking about the different life styles that Jenny goes through, I while watching the movie would not have made the connection to the time periods. The fact about Jenny's death is one that I would not have known without having to go looking for an answer. The article shows that movies can be just as influential in political and personal views as news reports, television shows, or books. What are some other movies that we can look at as a influential movie like Forrest Gump, but is also able to be viewed as possibly just for entertainment? and What do you think the directors agenda was for that movie.


I really like your point about the movie connecting to the historical events. I've also seen the movie plenty of times and never really gave any thought to why the movie makers put so much influence upon the events. I can now see the hidden agenda the makers potentially had when filming the movie. I also like your comment about movies being influential. I think sometimes society forgets that movies and other forms of media can influence life as much as political events.

I feel the agenda for the movie, from the writer's point of view, is just to compare and contrast different lifes that Jenny and Forest have gone through based on their different options during each step in their life. But there are more parties involved in the production of the movie, therefore hidden agenda from different parties and their different interests make the movie more complicated.

After the discussion of this week, I also watched Forrest Gump again. I just felt that the film maker expressed in the film as contrasting each difference for describing then the era, but not emphasized one side. It may be some supplements that make the movie more interesting for viewers. However, it is true that the movie’s such depicting can lead people in a specific way. I think this is because of the topic issue. The film had many events that people were divided into various sections practically, and people had disputed in long time.

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