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I thought todays discussion about gay themed television was very interesting becuase when you are watching shows like Friends and Seinfeld you aren't thinking about how they are putting the show together to appeal to you the veiwer in the slumpy class. I think that it is important to point out the progression that we have seen in society from the nineties shows until now. Back then the veiwer may not have been as comfortable with seeing a homosexual couple on tv acting out a normal life whether the veiwer was homosexual or heterosexual. I think that using comedy to make people love the gay character is one of the ways that these TV shows made the character more loveable. Another that we talked about in class that I thought was interesting is that they made them the affluent hipster like what we saw in the clip today. I think that in TV characters often play on preconceived stereotypes and I think that is still true today. The clip of the gay couple in modern family showed one of the characters as very dramatic and I think that character was playing up the stereotype that homosexuals are flamboyant. I don't think thats right but I think most characters on TV comedies use sterotypes to facilitate their humor.

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