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This week in class we discussed the television program 'Jersey Shore' and the way it represents Italian-Americans, and in many cases, our generation of Americans in general. I think for those of us in college, we were old enough to be able to differentiate between seeing the value in the show as a spectacle and the value in appreciating these individuals, but this is not always the case. I distinctly recall visiting my high school after this show got popular and seeing high school kids idolizing these characters as if they were the type of person someone should try to be. One of my neighbors bragged about how many times he went to the tanning salon per week. He eventually had to go and have early signs of skin cancer removed. I think we need to reevaluate the way we portray these individuals to younger audiences. The content should be seen as a spectacle that is ridiculous and not something that one should strive for, but as something that is on television because it is so far from the norm. Young teens are always going to watch what the eighteen to twenty four year old demographic is watching, it's natural that they want to be like those more independent but still young. We just need to make sure they understand that the people on Jersey Shore, for example, don't lead healthy, enviable lives. There will be consequences for their actions and they need to prepare for the future if they want to end up living a successful life.


i completely agree wih you, these types of shows have become more and more popular and it has shown that many do not understand that it is not examples of people they should be looking up to, but rather just to watch for entertainment. Many need to reevaluate the way that they look at the shows they watch and how they includeparts fo the show into their life. Your neighbor being one example of how the shows can in the long run hinder more then just our lifestyles but rather our health. I also agree that teenagers are looking up to people they see and wanting to imitate how their role models act. I having a younger sister who is a sophomore in highschool, I have the chance to walk around her highschool and seei how others are acting like the shows they see on television. I feel the impact these shows are making is greater then orginally expected. And wonder if there is a way for it to change for the better, or if television is just going to continue to show shows like this..

I am really glad that you chose to discuss how this show actually made an impact of the lives of your peers. We may think that shows like this really exploit the ignorance of certain people out there, however as a whole, I don't think we ever think about how it actually affects "real" people, like our peers or friends and what consequences it has on their lives. I mean even in college, my sophomore year I met this kid who (wasn't Italian to begin with in the first place) but did his hair, got a tatoo and made a critical effort to speak in a Jersey accent. We hung out like twice, and he would go out of his way to act like a jerk in front of women and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. I stopped being friends with the kid. It's amazing the toll media can take on someone's life, which makes me realize how insecure some individuals are, and it's depressing, especially since this kid is enrolled at a great school with his entire life ahead of him. What a waste of a mind.

I really liked the idea of how you mentioned about some people are capable differentiating the value in real life and the value, which can be negative, they portray in the show. It is also interesting to hear that some of the high school students idolize those characters in the Jersey Shore and trying to imitate their attitudes and styles. I think that media has many benefits to get, but also media's contents are very easy to be misunderstood and misrepresented.

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