Jersey Shore: A Positive Light


Alston's views are pretty negative to the Jersey Shore. Most of his points I do agree with. For most people the show is stupid and represents poor taste. The show also has negative connotations towards Italian Americans and Jersey Shore probably shows negative stereotypes internationally. With all of these negative views, shouldn't there be just a few positive aspects of the show? I guess my view would be that one person's "trash" entertainment might be another person's love. Everyone has their own opinion on entertainment and that's what makes America great. We live a country where even bad taste has a voice. I really could care less what other countries think about America. There are already so many negative things that one more show isn't really going to hurt anything. Sometimes I think other countries are jealous because there aren't obscure minority that have a voice. In many situations the majority is what is seen and in a case like the Jersey Shore, the minority has a big spotlight. I really don't believe that there is anything America can do for other countries to change their viewpoints. My sister's German exchange student had many stereotypes. She thought I was going to be a violent person because of my love for sports. In her part of Germany, most people believed that anyone that like sports like football, were automatically violent. So in the end I think it is very hard for Americans to change the viewpoints of people internationally. The Jersey Shore might be distasteful and terrible television, don't watch it. Some people enjoy it and maybe the show helps those people escape reality and get through their lives. Everyone is different and that makes America strong.


I think an example of an international stereotype for another country would be that latin america media like television and movies are overly dramatic leading to the stereotype that their people are overly dramatic. I don't think that is a good way to come to a conclusion about any one but it does happen. Are there probably some latinos that are dramatic yea, but to think all of them are dramatic is narrow minded. For other countries to assume we are all like jersey shore that is silly.

I agree, I think recently there has been a push in the United States to get other countries to 'like' us. I don't think we should even take into account what other countries think about our media and politics unless it directly affects them. The fact of the matter is, there is a diverse array of programming made in the United States and if the shows that carry over to their culture are for a perceived 'stupid' demographic, it says more about them than it does about us.

I agree that we can't control all of the stereotypes that other countries are going to assume of us, but all that Jersey Shore promotes is partying, sex, and stupidity. There's nothing positive that comes out of that show but a good laugh. It's sad what 'good television' is turning into. Our society thinks that is what entertainment is which is pretty hopeless.

I think a problem from Jersey Shore is that foreign people assume most young American as the characters appeared in this show. As Alston showed some examples, yes, there are many people who feel jealous because of their limited freedom. So, it could happen that the judge based on the perception make us feel disgusting, and I feel that is not good idea to retain in this global wide era. I understand Jersey Shore’s emphasized character is for entertaining, but we should consider that is also being images of us.

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