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I am so impressed by Wednesday's video, which I feel I never paid attention before, not even know the existence of such an issue.

I am kinda shock to see that the glass-ceiling is still prevail in the U.S., and female in upper-level management team is still rare. I was talking to one of my friends the other day about her payment as an entry level analyst in Target, and she told me her basic salary. Then I told her, my other male friend got the same job as she does half a year before, and his salary is at least 15% higher annually than her. I don't know whether that is because of changing salary policy to college graduates or that's a sign of hidden barrier for females to get higher basic salary than men.

The other point in the documentary that shocks me is the female director said that she cannot direct some movies because her sexuality, even though she is skilled, full of experiences and famous. My previous experience as a SAE (senior account executive) in an image license company didn't give me such an impression at all. The Sales VP Asian Pacific is a female, our Operation Manager Asian Pacific is also a female, our Marketing Director is a female, too. So, I didn't feel barrier for female in workforce is so much. I feel I must prepared for encountering such a problem later in my professional life, and set up a strategy that I can use later for it.

I'm kinda confused about one concept that does all femininity issue relate to politician? Does the core of figuring such an issue out is dealing with female in political world? Is there anything to do with business world?

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