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Grewal's article about the traveling Barbie is quite interesting since I experienced Barbie's "travel" in Shanghai, China years ago. The flag store in Shanghai was located in one of the busiest shopping and business locations. The store had three level: the street level, second floor and the third floor. THe street level is designed to be the show room, or somewhat like an small Barbie musume. The second floor was used to show the available Barbies, and an asian-style Barbie was shown in that floor. Unlike the Indian Barbie, the asian doll is the asian stereo type in western's eyes. The doll is pretty skinny, tanned skin color and her eye makeup makes "she" has a flying eye due to the technique used to her eye liner. The third floor is used as customer service floor, in which you can have your idea heard. But the Barbie's business was not successful in Shanghai, China, and that flag store closed in roughly three years. I think the main reason is that the company didn't run an integrated marketing campaign. I didn't see any TV commercial, and the only "news" I see is the PR campaign shown on TV to promote the new store.

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I found it very interesting to read your blog, and I liked how you compare the success of the Barbie doll in India and the barbie in China. I agree with you about how the marketing strategies play key role to sell the product in another countries.

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