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Becker's argument about the Slumpy Class and their misobservation of race, political, and economy inequility in the society is so understandable in today's U.S. media. The relationship between programming strategies and the target audiences are the key for developing new programs. It is all about get the attention of target audience, and influence their daily behavior, activity, thinking, etc. in order to monitor and direct their purchasing. Basically, it's all about money spent from consumers, and money spent by the advertisers to media producers.

I found lots of shows bring in gay charaters now, such as Sex and the City, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family (just name a few). Certainly, these shows are different from gay-themed shows in early 90's as Becker talked in his article, it's so clear that gay character in Sex and the City has a fabulous job; Jim Parsons(Sheldon) is an open-gay in his real life but being portried as super smart and well-known in his field in The Big Bang Theory(as their slogan says: Smart is the sexy), and the gay couple in Modern Family is embracing the idea of Family that they adopted a child and seem to have a wonderful life.

But no real life issue is mentioned in any of those shows, which identicles Becker's idea that inequility is missed and never got mentioned. This is quite problematic to Becker and I feel it's troublesome as well since audiences can never have a chance to think about such issues, and no improvements can be made.

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