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I do personally love the film Forest Gump, and I remembered the question I had when I was watching the film, "How come he became so successful with all different incidents?".

I feel this is the power of movie and transcript writing, by which all the "accident" but "normal" steps that follow the principle of the American society lead to the success of Forest even with his lowered brain competency compared with some other people in the society.

I think such an idea of following the society norms in order to be successful is also prevalent in China. We have all been told to be a nice person and do nice things to others will bring us good luck in everything when we were little. The society norms in China are like following rules and try to be a nice human being and citizen. I don't really feel this is problematic since to me that are very basic. But the problematic side I feel is that we tend to everyone are tend to be similar, and the society is easy to be controlled by a single message since our "receptor" is the same.

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