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I really enjoyed reading the article Katz wrote. It was nice to read about something new and that was very understandable. I was really interested in how he classified the different types that men are categorized as. I also enjoyed his examples of these types of men as well as the different groups they belong to, like the military or just how they are a "type" of man, athletic or not. I feel the article brought to attention that not just women are expected to act a specific way and that they are not the only ones with advertisements aimed at them. The fact that women are targeted in sometimes a sexual way or even in a negative way to make them want a product is not unknown. Many do not think about the fact that men are also being targeted, and when looked at the advertisements make men feel worse about themselves then most of the women advertisements do. As well as being told "they are not manly enough" advertisers tell them they can only be manly if they do this or that. Violence being one of the major ways to "become manly". I really enjoyed that Katz discussed this fact that men are also targeted and in many different ways, and his classifications of the different types of men.

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The Katz article, I agree, was a nice approach to the put the concept of masculinity into perspective. It seems that nowadays we tend to stereotype the idea of masculinity, for example he's a a guy who looks and acts like this, so he must fall into this category of masculinity. Different types of men seem to emerge the different levels of what society sees in a man. In other words, in society's eyes, men are supposed to be tough and rugged and look like a heterosexual person. It is unfortunate that within the media, violence is often associated or paired with masculinity, however I believe it is fair to say media advertisers are just trying to uphold the firm and strong profile of a stereotypical man. Even nowadays we are seeing this association of violence paired with adolescent boys, via video games and it seems to evolve as young men grow up--some of more aggressive or feel the need to be recognized through physical contact. We just have to be careful to set boundaries between what looks tough/violent and real life.

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