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I found Jackson Katz article on masculinity to be extremely interesting i really liked it because i could actually relate to it. Sometimes i have trouble relating to some of the other articles but this one i really liked reading. I agreed with almost all of his points and found them to be true to my own life. I also really liked that he brought up eminem simply because i do like eminem and i know about him and his image. However i would be interested to know how Katz would view eminems whiteness. Does this help him or hurt him? In other articles we have read whiteness was always invisible, it was viewed as the norm and other people are compared to that. However in the rap game the norm is being black not white. So in this case eminem was very visible because of his race, the opposite of what is usually the case. I do recognize that this is clearly not the norm but it would still be interesting to know what someone that is well versed in issues such as this would say about it.

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I also agreed with most of Jackson's points in his article. The idea of masculinity is also very prevalent in my life and I'm subjected to manliness everyday. I found your point about "whiteness" very interesting. People do not realize that sometimes being white can actually hurt you in some situations. Even today Eminem raps about being the minority or invisible in his profession. It would be interesting to see what Jackson says about a person like Eminem being in a very African American situation.

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