Miss Representation

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After I watched the documentary "Miss Representation", it made me rethink about how the mainstream media treats women. I have been interested in the depiction of women in the media, and the ideas that "Miss Representation" . I was conscious that media went too far when it comes to represent women in a certain way. As the documentary mentioned, these representation of women affects how people perceive and think about women. Sometimes, these perceptions affect women in a negative way. In the documentary, Hillary Clinton was perceived as a "bitch" and a sexual object. She is often judged by how she look and what she's wearing rather than their political accomplishments and contributions. The media created a stereotype that political position and leadership should be masculine occupations. I personally think that it is very true in a way that it had affected enough for me to create the stereotype that men are more likely to be a politician. It is not like I think men should be the only one who involves in politics. The other obvious examples of the perception of women are that the mainstream media depicts women in a hyper-sexualized way, which leads women to be seen as a sex object by men and even by themselves. I agree that it is a problematic that media portray women in a sexual way and women should be conscious about it.

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