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I thought that the discussion on Monday shed light on to something that is easily overlooked with the way consumers interact with their purchases and become producers. I felt silly that I hadn't noticed it before we are being surveyed in what we prefer. The question came up in class as to whether that is legal. I think that it is. All stores track the purchases being made. I don't think that they can go as in depth as something like the Nike ID can track but maybe they can. I know that Target tracks what items in their store get purchased together so that they can put things near eachother that will get purchased to encourage more buying. I would imagine all stores do something similar. When you think of how much you are getting analyzed by your purchases its scary. You are the one choosing to go into the store and purchase it and technology has provided a way to turn that into a trend. Nike ID makes you feel special that you have the customized shoes and Nike gets to see whats cool. Its a win win.

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I agree that this is something that I have not been so aware of. So much of what we do as consumers today has become interactive. I think the whole world of online shopping has caused an increase in this. The expansion of this interactive world will continue to increase I believe. I was just recently shopping on this website Mod and you can actually put together outfits for the website that other consumers could buy. Just like Nike, i believe it is a win win.

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