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I thought our discussion on Thursday about the Jersey Shore was extremely interesting. I think how much we struggled with identifying solutions to the negative aspects of reality tv just goes to show how dense and unsolved this problem is. At the end of the day, I'm not sure that anyone will ever be able to come to an agreeable solution. So, I was thinking on Thursday about what we could do to manage the problem instead of trying to erase it completely. I think we brought up some really great ideas in class. First, I think we must discourage ourselves from consuming products or media that we do not believe in. This standard will be different from everyone. In my case, I try to establish what is acceptable and unacceptable and resist the urge to consume whatever I consider to be unacceptable. Second, we must serve as advocates for change when we believe something is wrong, while still respecting the freedom of an individual to choose. I'm not sure that this is a perfect formula, but it is a start. I really hope that shows like the Jersey Shore start to diminish eventually. Call me an old soul, but I would much rather watch reruns of I Love Lucy or old comedy/variety shows. Humor was so good back then!

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