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I think it is funny that we talked about reality television in class. Recently my girlfriend and i got into a discussion about the movies and television she watched. And that transformed into the kind of TV other people watch. All we did was trash-talk the kind of things we thought were garbage (Jersey Shore and Honey Boo-Boo to name a couple). We thought it was amazing the kind of things people watch for entertainment.

But these kinds of programs, is it anyone's fault for it to be available to watch? And if it is, whose fault? The consumers? Or the people that make it available? It can go either way (Josh made some valid points). So an analogy: people that smoke, is it their fault they smoke (if they happen to think it is a bad thing, or if other people see it as such), or the cigarette companies who CHOSE to add nicotine (the chemical that people get addicted to). Sure, they both chose to do something, but can anyone be held at fault? It isn't a perfect analogy, but I think it can help put the television idea into perspective. A lot of people, even those who watch it, will agree with each other that a lot of the shows are garbage (who can argue Honey Boo-Boo provides anything substantial to audiences?). It has to come down to something else, something deeper. Are people searching for something (relief from their own life? base entertainment? something that makes them feel better about themselves?)? Something deeper has to be working here (for most people. Maybe some people WANT to live the life the people on the Jersey Shore or Honey Boo-Boo live). So what is it?

I don't know, but I just wanted to point out that now I can see there may actually be some other point for people to watch what I think is bad for people and society as a whole. But this brings something up. What if people who spend these countless hours watching these shows where you get absolutely (or almost) no real value out of watched something on PBS? What if they read a book? Sure we all have vices and guilty pleasures, but maybe people need something else. Just a thought.

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I admire your questions about "fault." That seems to be the biggest battle. Is it society's fault or are the companies at fault for bringing us this television. It's such a gray line because these shows are really bad. They do so many negative things and bring about negative connotations toward America.

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