Riley, "Heroes of Assimilation: How the Media Transform Disability"

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Please post your discussion questions on Riley, "Heroes of Assimilation: How the Media Transform Disability" below, using the following as a guide:

1. Why are economics important to consider when analyzing the relationship between media representation and power?
2. Who, according to Riley, is responsible for the misrepresentation of disability in the media?
3. What are the three epochs of understandings of diversity? What do you think are the consequences of these?
4. How did civil rights fit into the discourses and policy-making surrounding disability? That is, what does Riley mean by a shift from "medical" to "civil rights" view of diversity?
5. What does Riley mean when he argues that disability is "socially constructed"? What is the media's role in this construction?
6. How have media represented disability, according to Riley? What examples of media representations of disability can you think of? Do your examples reflect what Riley is arguing? Why/why not?

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