Riley, How the Media Transforms Disability

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I personally like Riley's piece about how the Media transforms disability, and it was really interesting to me because I never thought of this issue before. Also, the class discussion was a good opportunity to ask myself, "What defines disability". The article included the quotes from James Charlton which says that disabilities are socially constructed, and I agree with his points. Because there is more than single definition to "disability" and it may differ form society to society. As we discussed in the class, if society treats somebody as if they are disabled, then they are. In terms of constructing the idea of disability, media is also influential as same as the society. If media portray somebody to be disabled, then the audience will get an idea and generally percept the idea. As the movie we watched in the class, people, who have some sort of sickness and are generally considered as disability, don't think in the same way as how we think about them. So we, including those media which portray them in stereotypical way, should not assume and define what is mean to be disabled. Through the lecture and movie, I could get an idea that they are a lot different from what we think about them. And we should be careful when we perceive something from media, because media includes lots of biased toward a particular person or particular thing, which creates stereotypes. And this stereotypes that media created can influence us to create another stereotypes in the society.

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I like your argument about how media transforms disability and it generates stereotypes through media. Yes, media includes biased towards a particular person or particular thing and it would generate stereotype toward particular person or particular thing. Before I read the articles and having discussion in the class after watching forrest Gump, I changed and rethink how the media transforms disability. I didn't think about this issue too much, or might be I already influenced and created my own stereotype. Unwitting influence!

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