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I believe that the idea of the SLUMPy class that we discussed this week offers very interesting insight into the psychology of the people within our realm of society. It feeds on the idea that people want to 'feel' like they are making a difference as opposed to wanting the actual results to come to be. People volunteer all of the time and usually it is so they can feel good about themselves. Much of the time, with a point of reference, these individuals would be disappointed to learn how little an impact this is actually making. I am not saying all people are bad people for wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment for doing what they think is the right thing, but I'm saying that this as a primary motivator leads to a disconnect between effort and results. In the case of homosexuality, it is hip to be accepting and so people want to be hip. The primary motivator is not so much achieving actual equality as it is being the person who was 'cutting edge' enough to fight for the equality of other people. This is the impression I had throughout much of this campaign season with our proposed marriage amendment. The bill itself was flawed on many different levels and there were numerous reasons to vote 'no' (in my personal opinion), but the reason that seemed to resonate the most was 'vote no so Minnesota doesn't become one of those un-hip southern states'. The real discussion should have been based around the question 'why does the state have any say in what constitutes a marriage at all?'. I can not say that I think America is making moves to expand its middle class (as the term is loaded and any real results of this would be impossible to measure), but I think we are socially expanding our SLUMPy class at an exponential rate.


I think that that you bring up a good point about the campaign but advertising in general. Everyone wants to feel hip and be apart of the next hip thing. The marriage amendment totally used that to their advantage because that appeals to a wide range of people. I think that you see it with the gluten free movement. People actually have a physical problem with their stomachs that doesn't allow them to eat gluten but I read in a magazine a celebrity said that she just does it to remove that pesky layer of fat she can't get rid of. Shes really probably just eating less carbs but by saying shes gone gluten free shes apart of the slumpy trend.Its the next hip thing and I see it every where on menus and at grocery stores. Appealing to the slumpy class means succes for marketers.

I feel your point by binding the Slumpy Class idea with the Vote NO campaign is very interesting and make sense. The problemetic part of this campaign is that there are no economic issue being addressed though it seems openly accepting the idea of being edgy.

I think you make a really fantastic point. This trend of caring more about the way volunteering and serving as an advocate solely for the image it helps create is quite alarming. I think the ballot initiative regarding the Marriage Amendment is a perfect example. Advocates for voting no used this to their advantage by comparing those in favor of voting yes to people who opposed the civil rights movement. They effectively aligned their perspective with a more current and open-minded generation. As we can see from the results, this worked in their favor. Great point!

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