The Face of America

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This week's reading was also a little difficult to understand what the author was trying to talk about... But after I watched the movie, "Forrest Gump" during the class, I really enjoyed it and it made me to understand better. When I first watched this movie, I did not put the meaning on this movie too much like Berlant stated on her article. But I think the author over analyzed a lot of thing about this movie. Maybe Berlant's main point that she wanted to deliver in her article was what political message Forrest's intelligence level. I believe some points that she claimed about the movie such as the government aspects were true but the other arguments was didn't make me to understand why she pointed out and made me more confused. I do not know I am right track on this article or not, I believe that the face of America has changed and still currently changing. I understood why she pointed out about 'The face of America' after watching Forrest Gump and discussion in the class, but it was real difficult topic to me read, especially for me, as a non-American citizen.

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