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This article piece was particularly very interested for me because I had similar experiences with Barbie. It talks about how Barbie in India was consumed and how it affected in the context of transnationalism and economic liberalization. Being grew up in Japan, and I have experienced that other culture, especially from U.S., has widespread in my country and kind of transformed the original culture and recreated a new culture. I think this was the transnationalism that the author is talking about, and similar things happened to consumers in India. In case of Barbie, the general Barbie was marketed in my country, different from the Barbie in India, but still it gave us the sense of "buying of America." As the world is becoming more and more global, we now see lots of transnationalism in every culture. I think that transnationalism through economic liberalization, and through consumer subject is a good thing for each country to represent their culture and exchange it with one another.


I agree with your argument about you had experienced in Japan. As I am from South Korea, I remembered that I had similar experience like things happened to consumers in India. When I was child, I remembered that I also bought reproduced Barbie in Korea (which seems different from Indian Barbie and actual Barbie in the United States).I like your description that, "It still gave us the sense of 'buying of America.'" Today, globalization is everywhere and its more common compare to the past, I also think that transactionalism through economic liberalization. Moreover, to more successful globalization, exchange the culture each other and represent their culture as well.

This is an interesting post, because it takes into account the overseas perspective of an American promoted product. It's interesting how you say that if you buy Barbie in Japan, you are in the sense buying a piece of America. I'm trying to assimilate my views to a product that became popular in the United States but that originated in a different country, and the closest thing that I can think would be Pokemon cards. They were incredibly popular here when I was in elementary school. I really don't even know how they took off so quickly; I don't remember, but it really doesn't matter how--it's more of the fact that they did and what a significant impact they had on children from the US.

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