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I thought the idea of Media being an ecosystem to be very interesting. I wrote about how everyone kind of "feeds" off each other and how there is also a constant need to keep evolving/changing to stay relevant...or alive like an ecosystem. I found the article by Starr to be very intriguing. Everything is turning into a technological form whether its books to kindles, letters to emails etc. Newspaper companies are so accessible now via internet on computers or phones it seems ridiculous to buy a dollar Star Tribune. Like someone mentioned in class the older generations still enjoy sitting down and flipping through the newspaper where as today's tech savvy generation is able to pull up 5 different headlines in 10 seconds. Along with TMZ type shows replacing magazines, we are headed for a world full of electronic media.


What do you think will happen to the future of books. I am all for looking up articles on line but I don't think that I could read a whole book online the way that I read an actual book. I have a tablet that I use for my electronic text books but I dont think that I could use it to read something like Harry Potter.

I think it's so crazy how quickly technology can change on us, it's almost exhausting trying to keep up. This might not be how others feel, but I'm totally okay with simplicity.... picking up a hard cover book I think is one of the simplest joys of life! But I do understand that you have to go with the flow, and things will begin to change even though we may not want it to change.

I couldn't agree more with picking up a hard cover book over reading something on a tablet. I need to turn the pages. I think the evolution of the Journalist will be very interesting to watch over the next few years to see how social media influences journalism.

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