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In "Old Growth Media and the Future of News," Steven Johnson indicated that current mass media style makes printing products gradual declining. I thought it may be happen in the future. In fact, there are a lot of mass media devices such as smart phone, kindle, and the Internet today. A decade ago, we could not have mobile devices that allow us to connect web information. On the other hand, today's media strategies are based on the internet tactics, and many advertisements appear while using the Internet. It is really interesting to observe how media is going to transform in the future, but we also need to see the fields that is going to disappear by the development. Simple expectations from developing digital contents point out that reducing total amount of using ink, and losing people's job by the development. For example, book store, printing plant, and so on. However, advantages that media companies will achieve through technology improvements are really big: they do not need warehouse for books, they will never experience to go out of stock again, and consumers of media can get information much more easily and quickly. Actually, it is an obstacle for people who try to find their favorite books by the books' looking, but the advantages provide us so much compensation for that. Thus, digital media contents have so much advantages rather than printing medium. I think printing books declining is inevitable step for seeking efficiency, because it built more comfortable life for our epistemophilia.

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