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Media's evolution is a very interesting topic, especially for the current age we're in now, the social media age. It is very interesting to see tv shows and web pages using social media to help drive their message more and more. I think it will be interesting to see what the next big thing is with the internet. We went from the internet to social media.... so what's next. Where will social media go, and will there be a new media technology? This is very important when looking at the world of journalism and where this field will go. With everyone acting as self-employed journalists with smart phones, it is interesting how journalist will be paid, or if they will be paid for that matter. Maybe news agencies will just use bloggers knowing that they don't have to pay them, and Americans aren't very concerned with the reliability of the content, but more so if the content is entertaining. I think it is interesting to see how news has turned into entertainment more and more over the years, and it makes me wonder is this the product of the ever-growing media in our world?

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