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When I read the article 'Old Growth Media and the Future of News', I awarded the world is changing and evolving constantly. It was very interesting topic.
When I watch the words 'ecosystem' I thought it's sounded like bio scientific issue. However after reading Johnson's article I knew why Johnson compared media journal ism to ecosystem, and why it is important in the media market. Today's media is in fact much closer to a real-world ecosystem in the way it circulates information than it is like the old industrial, top-down models of mass media. It's a much more diverse and interconnected world, a system of flows and feeds - completely different from an assembly line. I t's much more instructive to anticipate the future of investigative journalism by looking at the past of technology journalism. When ecologists go into the field to research natural ecosystems, they seek out the old-growth forests, the places where nature has had the longest amount of time to evolve and diversify and interconnect. They don't study the Brazilian rain forest by looking at a field that was clear-cut two years ago. I don't know how the media ecosystem will be evolved, and the social circumstance will develop as a better world, or not. However as Johnson expect, I just view the future as one of the optimists.

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