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I think that Johnson brought up a great point in whats more important in the future of news. I think there was a point brought up in class that was things will get phased out over time because there is a new and better way to do something. I don't think that the news paper will get phased out as quick as some speculate. There is a digital divide. If they switched to all news being only accessible by internet then my grandma just wouldn't know the news. As well as people that dont have enough money or time to go to the library to access the internet. I have a tablet and laptop and I still would prefer to read a real book and a real magazine versus e version of the media. The concern that some businesses would go out of business as a result to this shift doesn't seem valid. It seems more likely that businesses will adapt with the change or new ones will pop up. At one time computers were so expensive that they weren't accessible by anyone except the elite class. Over time they have shifted to be more affordable and accessible in places like libraries and schools. If they continue on the trend of becoming more accessible will they eventually replace the paper and be accessible to people that dont have time to go to the libarary? Will the internet be more accessible to rural places where a paper seems more of a tangible way to communicate?

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