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We got into another very intriguing discussion in class about what the future of news will be. One reason why i find this topic interesting is because the future is something that we cannot escape from, in the sense that something will change, and it will be interesting to see that change when it happens. In fact some change is happening right in front of our eyes now with the development of so many different internet outlets for news. That is another reason why i think this topic is very relevant because we will probably see this change within our lifetimes, it is not a process that will take hundreds of years because by then we will have new technologies.
This is definitely a very complex issue because both sides of this argument have valid points. I think that the best way to proceed would be to take both sides and combine them and have a strong print media as well as a strong online media. I do not see why this would be out of the question and i could see print media boosting internet ratings so to speak and vice versa. i think that with both printed and online newspapers people get the best of both worlds.


I like what you said about having two strong news medias. Print and online are both good ways for people to consume news media and both serve a financial purpose. There could be a few financial reasons to why both of the medias could not exist. Not knowing the future and taking on change are both things that news media is going to have address. In order to survive news media will have to take change on and adapt.

I really liked how you mentioned that the future is continuously changing. I want to comment on that particular element of your post. Our future is changing everyday; new technology takes another step advancing forward. What I think people do not think whole-heartedly about is that we are the root of this change. We can’t escape what the future hold if we are the determining factor; we can only embrace it. You’re exactly correct when you mention that we already have the new technologies to advance and that it will not be a process of hundreds of years. In my opinion, we are at the stage where from now on every year will bring forth a new discovery or update. We must remember however that print media is still significant; it is tangible, and it is a source of information that can exchange hands, providing easy access to your fellow neighbor. People take credibility into consideration too; if something is printed it’s more likely believed to be true by readers. Everything eventually will probably end up in an online format, however we mustn’t forget that our foundation from all of this development started on paper.

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