Jersey Shore

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The discussion about the American reality TV show, Jersey Shore, was really interesting to me. Actually, the clip we watched in the class was the very first time to watch this show and it was somehow shocking to me because I will never see this kind of show if I was in my country. I believe that the media is so influential in a way that it reinforces the stereotypes about people and about country. Now that I have lived in the U.S. for few years, I understand how people in the U.S act and what kind of value they have. But what scares me the most is, I would have assumed that these kind of people that is represented in the show is real if I did not have a chance to live in the U.S. Media is one of the way to represent the country, and people get information about other countries from media, therefore, I think that they should be little bit more careful about how they act in the show.

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That is very interesting that you have never actually seen any footage from the "Jersey Shore". I couldn't agree more that it is very scary that other countries may in fact view us as a "jersey shore" society. I also agree that it is just another portrayal of U.S. media using stereotypes to push their content. We like to work with our stereotypes and generate profit off of them, which is very harmful for society.

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