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The topic of fading out of newspaper is picking up by lots of people these days in the U.S. since younger generation no longer consume news as the older generation, to whom reading newspaper every morning with a pot of coffee seems so normal and routine. So the shift behavior from reading a physical print newspaper to paperless online news threats traditional printing paper and the way of news production.

I feel it kinda true to me from what I see in this two and half years experiences in the U.S. News stand is not available everywhere, at least in twin cities. The way that people can grab a paper on their way to walk is not so easy. And due to the more intense work schedule, sitting in front of table in workdays for breakfast, and read a paper in the same time seems challanging.

But whether the traditional news production is dying or not is questionable, and I see different actions done by traditional print media, such as New York Times are now bringing some of their contents online for free while keep some other contents to charge. By doing so, they can attract readers who are used to "free news" by explording them unvoluntaryly to online ads.

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