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I felt that Johnson's article about sports television was very interesting. I think the idea of sports television being "ideologically safe" is a great point. Most people find common grounds in the ares of sports. A simple act of watching the Superbowl or World Series is a prime example of an American tradition. Sports is a safe topic and most people don't get too worked up about sports. The media of sports is a great platform for new technologies. The online example showed how sports has evolved. Instead of having to watch a television program, people can just go online and figure see what they want to see. This new age way of consuming media has been seen in sports for quite some time. Prime time television shows are just catching up to sports media. This is great for advertisers and the consumer. Yes, the advertiser knows exactly what the consumer enjoys on the website. This is a lot of major information that is sold to advertisers but it also helps the consumers. Multiple times I have found great deals for sports gear that I would have never found unless an advertisment was put on my page. This use age of mulitiple platforms will keep sports media strong and thriving. People that follow their favorite teams are avid consumers and stay loyal to the programs. In today's world having a strong brand and following is essential to growth.

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I thought Johnson made a really great point by calling sports television an "ideologically safe haven." I think this is extremely true and that is why we see so much money floating through the sports entertainment franchise. People are constantly consuming sports at a rapid rate. This is why the athletes are paid so well. The franchise brings in billions of dollars in advertising because it is guaranteed to bring in millions of eyes. This ideologically safe haven is rarely interrupted with uncomfortable topics. I think this was a great point.

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