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This week was a pretty interesting discussion. I somehow feel some sort of loss and sense of nostalgia when thinking of our news going completely electronic. Even if I am not the type to wake up early in the morning and sip on a fresh cup of coffee while reading over the daily news, I did grow up seeing that scene played out. I did however love Sundays paper full of games and comics. Aside from the glamorous side of everything, what does this really mean. Because of the lower profits, these companies have had to cut a lot of their staff. This has meant a loss in some of our most important roles like the "watchdog." Going completely online we will lose the integrity of what the paper is, who posts what, and what information is being published. Where will we be in the next five, ten years? I guess we'll just have to wait in see.

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I really liked your argument that going completely online will have influence on the integrity of the role in Journalism. As technology developed, it allows people to send any kind of information to anyone, and that has affected the form of the traditional journalism. Like you said, it is really hard to predict the futures, and predict how the industry will try to do their business.

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