Old Growth media and the Future of News

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I thought that how Steven Johnson talked about today's mass media as ecosystem. He describes in this way because of how the information is circulated. Also, he discussed that it is really hard to predict the future of media which I found it very interesting. As technology has developed rapidly, our media is reflecting to change as well. In fact, the printed media has lost its power compared to before, because of new technology. People started to find that getting information from digital devices is much more convenience than from printed media. We can see that most of the major newspaper company started to focus on digital version of newspaper; people now follow the change to digital.
However, some people still prefer reading the newspaper in printed version over digital version, especially who is not growing up with the technology, such as my parents and my grandparents generation. They are used to read printed newspaper and not used to keep up with the technology like our generation.
I personally think that printed media will fade away in a way that less and less people would read it. Many of our generation and younger generation acknowledge that digital media is much more powerful than printed media. I feel like printed media cannot grow anymore or win over digital media. Like many people argue about the existence of printed media, I think that this topic will be really important because it influences a lot to the audience and whole industry of mass media.

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