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David Abram Magic

David Abram talks about the difference of perception in cultures. looking at the wording he uses when talking about

magic. among the westerners he refers to them as slight of hand tricks. where out east he say that local magicians

reconized him as having a rudimentry skill of in altering the common field of perception. the westerners are focused

almost soley on the trick. how is the question the ask. how did he find the card? how did he make the bird disapear?

the focus is all on the trick. the hope is that it will be so subtle that it if only for a moment mystfies them. in the easter

tradtion it is not about the trick but about the magicians control over the perception of his audiance. they understand

magic not as the trick or the colored fire and thier haunting chants but in their ability to control what the audiance

sees and thinks. it is not the trick but the actor that makes you see a ball disapear. this mindset is carried into other

things as well like science. in western culture it is all about how does something work. once we find an answer

we then ask the same questions of the answer. is it possible that through the obession with the intracet dna

structure we miss something anout life. just like the audiance wondering only where the secert compartment is fails

to understand that it is magician not the trick that makes it work.


I agree that the view of magic is the way that you perceive it. The way that you describe the difference between East and West magic sums up basically the way the author writes about nature in each part of the world, in my opinion.

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