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gentic engineering

should we engage in gentic engering? if so how should we do it? this is one of the main questions facing america right

now. with a quick look at what can be gained the answer seems yes. we can create more resilant more bountiful

harvests. tomatos no longer need die in the frost. salmon can grow much bigger in a fraction of the time as before. we

are simply perfecting are control over the world. just like we learned how to make concret now we have learned how

to make plants an animals suit our needs so much better. why shouldn't we do this?

some geniticly engenered fish got in the wild and soon given thier supeor size and growth speed began to destroy

the previous population of fish. corn geniticly engeenered to kill parsites also killed butterflies. the current

ecosystem is a delect balance. can it survie if we keep introducing new species that our bigger better and

stronger? we risk destroying or perverting life on this earth to make your fruit a little sweeter a little harder to kill.

man has lived off normal food why do we need it now?

that is the voice that kills progress. with some estamites of how easy it would be to create food, we could cure

world hunger. world hunger. are you going to walk up to the starving child in africa and say you could have fead

him but we did not grow the food because we were afriad of the big bad genticly engineered monster? go say that

to the child as he starves. see what he thinks

be honest we do not do this to feed the poor but to make money.

even if that is so food needs to be eaten and surplus crop would make it availble. your worries are pointless even if

we do have some effect on the ecosystem it can adapt and evolve to make it work. especially sense we could

manipulate things to help it out.

you wish not change nature nature but recreat it.

so what if that make it better?

remeber a mans reach exceeds his grasp. a mans reach exceeds his grasp