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grizzly man

is this really enviromentlism, going out and living with wild bears? it is easy to citize the grizzly man. what he did in one

sense was very foolish and he ended up dieing for it, along with his girfriend. he seemed to try and treat the animals

almost has if they were humans. despite the fact that he called himself the defender of grizzly bears most of his

actions seemed motivated by a desire for fulfillment not actually changing anything. these are just a some of the

critisisms heaped upon this man. also you could look at his personality the way he talks and thinks and somewhat

justifiedly ripp the poor man to shreds. yet despite all that i can not help like him. he actually loves what he does.

how many people can you that of? he would live for months more or less by himself out in the woods without any

way off leaving until the plane came back. he spent the rest of his time trying to instill his love of nature in others

mostly children. he was not doing for the attention he was doing because he loved it and because thought it

helped the bears and the wilderness. he died for a cause he believed in. he may have deluded. he may not have

really even had a cause. never the less he was will to die for his cause. he lived his life in nature and tried to show

its beauty to others. compare that to what most people waste their lives on and how can you really critize him.