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science and enviromentilism

some enviromentalists will tell you that science is what is at the core of the current eniromental movement and

legistlation. there is certianly some truth in this. pollution is taking its toll on our world. our world looks like it is warming

up and we our at least somewhat contributing to it. so enviromentlism is at least somewhat behind the enviromentlist

movement. however who makes the actual changes. politiacans and business men. most business men will not due

anything unless they can use it in good marketing or public relations, the market for which ussally does not out way the

cost. politicans our answerable to the voters so they will try to keep them happy. to do this you need the apperance

of progress not actual progress. this leads to real problem it is not science that is really behind the movement.

scientist now have something which they are supposed o find. also politicans and others want quick fixes. so

often times things that our bad for the envirement are replaced by something just as bad. little study is done to see

what the new change will do to the envorment. sometimes things which are not doing anything are stopped our

made more diffuclt to use because some study said so. it is not really science which is at the core of the

movement. it is the appreance of science.


You did a good job of explaining how science is easily manipulated to serve those who need to show advocacy. Unfortunately these people filter scientific studies so that most people never know the complete version. Another point in this arguement is that in the realm of nature, any scientific conclusions are inherently incomplete due to science's current inability to grasp the vast complexity of nature.