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gentlemen, he uses this phrase over and over in his adress to the senate. this seems ood given how informal the rest

of his adress is. why does he call them gentlemen? given the somewhat ironic tone he used it reminded me of one of

my junior high teachers who whold refer to us as gentlemen. our teacher would call us this usally when were acting

not at all like a gentleman should. it was while polite and formal yet harsh ironic critque of our behavior. the speach

seems to talk that tone. i can just imagine him stress the word gentlemen changing the emphasise sometimes to make

the word stand out more. how each time he said it the irony and the plea must have dug into the senators. other

parts of his speach have a similar feel. when he says they also drink pepsi and wear shinny running shorts. you

can just he the scorn in his voice. this is a carefully chosen mental picure is delivered in a flipiant manne. this makes

it all the more poignant. while it is not always an effective way to convince people this speach is masterfully

crafted with a certaint harse irony which only drives the point home harder


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