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April 5, 2007

concrete jungle

extreme isolation is a cruel form of punishement. humans define themselves most clearly by their relationships and

interactions with other humans. this is a way of placing yourself in a certian community. i am in several comunities

ranging from the U of M to small rarther small circles of friends to various other casual aquantinces or coworkers. if

all of this was stripped away i would no longer be a stundent. i would no longer be a soccer player. it is hard to

say even what i would be beyond perhaps a human being whatever that means. this is one reason why isolation is

so hard to endure. you are simply left alone with the question who am i. extreme isolation either due to punishment

or misfortune is known to regularly drive people mad. even for the best adjusted person it is no easy thing to

endure. isolatoin has even caused animals in zoos to lose the will to eat. mankind as a whole is slowly becoming

isolated. it is indeed rare that i ever hear a noise made by anything besides humans or machines. it is rare that i see

anything that has not been made or dramiticly changed by humans. we have some grass and trees but they seem

to exist only because we allow it. also they are dwarfed by the massive buildings making them seem inconsiquental

when compared with humans granduer. even the animals hardly seem wild as the squirrels eat our trash and the

turkeys walk on our streets ignoring us for we our no longer a threat and hardly even a concern. mankind by

building up his cities has slowly placed himself alone with his own creations, just like a prisoner in a cell. as this

goes on less and less do we even know what it means to human which is the fundemental society to which we

belong. this is danger inherent in our seperation, we risk losing our identy which we might have even kept on a

dessert island.