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Death toll rises to 32 from Mexico landslide

Several landslides in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca have killed at least 32 people since Tuesday, said the Associated Press.

Several have been injured, 11 still remain missing, and roughly 300 homes remain buried, police reported.

The remnants of a hurricane and a tropical storm has caused heavy rains in the days leading up to the landslide, said MSNBC.

U.N. Summit adds global poverty goals

New goals have been declared and old ones have been reassessed by the U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals last week. The summit met Sept. 20-22 to discuss the last decade's progress and have added the goals of improving women's and children's health, stated the United Nations Summit.

The summit established targets ten years ago to reduce the global poverty level. The poverty rate has fallen 27 percent between 1990 and 2005 and the mission to cut the 1990 poverty level in half by 2015 is achievable, reported The Economist.

Other U.N. goals are to improve education and health care, reduce maternal mortality rates, and find better access to safe water and sanitation. Continuous international financial aid and national economic growth is imperative in reducing the global poverty rate, said The Economist.


Ahmadinejad UN speech sparks walk-outs by BBC

Three attributions were used in the article. They were scattered evenly throughout.
The first attribution used was by BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus. He is the primary source of information for the entire article and used an effective and concise lead followed by inverted pyramid style with facts. He also paraphrased and quoted Ahmadinejad.
Next, Mark Kornblau, spokesman for the U.S. mission at the U.N., presented a second-hand opinion in response to Ahmadinejad's speech.
U.S. President Barack Obama's speech was used last as it did not relate directly to the lead but summarized Middle East relations.
The reporter effectively used sources in order of who had the most facts and relevance to what happened in the lead.

Flood causes seventy homes to evacuate and a bridge to collapse

Flooding continues in southeastern Minnesota as seventy homes have evacuated in Owatonna while a bridge in Oronoco collapsed Friday.

The area has seen approximately three to five inches of rain, bringing many communities to a halt with school, road, and courthouse closings as well as damage to the farming community, said the Pioneer Press.

These heavy rains have weakened Oronoco's dam causing part of the bridge to fall apart. Local officials predict the remainder will soon be swept away as well, reported FOX 9.

Former Gopher linebacker cut from Vikings roster

Delano's Nate Triplett was informed Sept. 11 he would not make the Vikings' active roster. He had been planning on playing as a linebacker and special teams player against New Orleans but a Vikings intern broke the news saying despite his great work ethic, there was not a roster spot available for him, reported the Delano Herald Journal.

According to the Minnesota Vikings, he lacked the speed and spatial awareness to consistently perform in coverage. He spent training camp with the Vikings and although he had a productive preseason, he did not survive the series of cuts that each team takes to reduce the roster from 80 players to the 53 active players that play each week. He also did not make the practice squad.

He said it was "disheartening" that he is no longer able to play with the team, but he is currently working out for the Chicago Bears and is determined to remain optimistic and continue to play football.

Train kills seven elephants in India

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Seven elephants were killed by a speeding train Thursday in India. The train was going 30 kilometers over the speed limit when it hit an elephant herd in the Jalpaiguri district, stated ABC.

After two baby elephants became trapped in the tracks, five members of their herd went to help them. Five died instantly while the remaining two passed away later from injuries, reported BBC.

Train accidents involving elephants happen often in the area, forest officials said, and they have asked railway officials to pay more attention to the speed limit.

Facebook creater donates $100 million to Newark Schools

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday that he will donate $100 million to the Newark school district in N.J. The poverty-stricken system has seen irresponsible allocation of funding, as well as low test scores and graduation rates, reported CBS.

Only 26 years old, Zuckerberg is ranked as the 35th wealthiest American in Forbes magazine, valued at $6.9 billion, added CBS.

He will appear live on the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday to officially announce his donation. The premiere of the film, "The Social Network" will open the same day, which illustrates the account of his success, stated CNET.

Iranian president's speech causes walk-outs by the US

Delegates from the U.S. and 32 other countries walked out during the Iranian president's speech at the 65th U.N. General Assembly on Thursday. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the U.S. was part of plotting the 9/11 attacks in order to protect Israel, reported BBC.

Ahmadinejad addressed three theories about the 9/11 attacks, including the U.S. intelligence agency's external penetration, the American peoples' conspiracy to save the American economy and the Zionist regime, and the U.S.'s excuse for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, stated The Associated Press.

He also defended Iran's position on nuclear weapons, clarifying that the country's electricity generation was not being used for nuclear bombs, stated AP.

News Leads

The news lead in CNN's story of the Muslim veils being banned in France effectively stated where the bill was passed, by whom, when this week it was passed, and what law was approved. It elaborated with some detail describing what the Muslim veil is and also emphasized the importance of this act by asserting it was Europe's first country to do so. The lead is fairly detailed and ques the reader in on exactly what is being banned and ending with why this story is one of a kind.

Perhaps the lead would not have had as much impact if it had just said "burqa" because if people do not know what one is, they may lose interest quickly. The last fragment demands attention for readers to realize how France has distinguished itself from all other European countries.

Man Stunned by Police Taser Gun Dies

A Minneapolis man died Friday at Hennepin County Medical Center after being shot with a Taser gun by police, reported the Star Tribune. David Cornelius Smith was stunned Thursday at a Minneapolis YMCA after causing a disturbance in the gym.

He immediately experienced a medical emergency after being shot and was rushed off by an ambulance. He was put on life support until he was declared brain dead on Friday night, Kare 11 news said.

Smith's family expressed their antipathy towards the Minneapolis police in not handling the situation well.

Gubernatorial Debate Placed Emphasis on Seniors

The debate Friday in St. Paul between the three parties addressed issues of the state's health care programs. In 20 years, the number of Minnesota retirees will double and a $1.4 billion federal package has been offered to ensure quality medical care, reported the Star Tribune.

Democratic Party's Mark Dayton and Independence Party's Tom Horner were in favor of expanding Medicaid as senior issues were a focus, although Republican Party's Tom Emmer would cut expected increases to welfare and health programs, stated the Pioneer Press.

Emmer asserted that the long-term financial liabilities were uncertain in accepting the package whereas Dayton and Horner focused on its benefits, including improved medical care and progressive reform, stated the Star Tribune.

Five Men Arrested for Plotting Against Pope

Six street cleaners were arrested Friday on suspicion of terrorism during the pope's visit to England. The arrests were offset by the pope's upcoming speech that will address public policy making addressing issues of faith and ethics, reported MSNBC.

The men were foreign, most of who are reportedly Algerian, and were arrested for violating the Terrorism Act 2000. They worked for Veolia Environment Services, a subdivision of Westminster Council, stated BBC.

The pope had remained composed and no changes in his itinerary had to be made.

A "New" New Orleans

President Barack Obama's speech on Aug. 29 in New Orleans acknowledged the progress the city has made since Hurricane Katrina hit. It has endured several reforms toward educational, political, and infrastructural progress, reported The Economist.

The majority of the area's public schools have been switched over to charter schools resulting in a 29 percent increase in students' standardized test scores.

The city has also eliminated unnecessary, costly positions in its political structure as well as restructuring the levees, which are expected to be fully fortified by next year, Obama promised in BBC.

He supported the city's current situation and pledged that the federal government would provide support until "this region is back on its feet."

Burqa is Banned in France

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A bill banning the burqa was passed by the French Senate on Tuesday. The vote concluded 246 to 1 with the intentions of preserving the nation's values, reported ABC.

The French Government said the act of wearing the burqa, which includes full body garments and veils covering the faces of Muslim women, is an infringement to a person's dignity and gender equality, labeling it a form of enslavement, stated CNN.

Any woman caught wearing the veil will be fined 150 euros ($190) and/or required to take a course on citizenship. Forcing a woman to wear the veil will result in a year in prison or a 15,000-euro fine.

Every one in four people in France support the ban, compared to only one in three Americans, CNN continued. France is the first country in Europe to execute this legislation. Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Britain are also in favor.

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